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Suikoden 3

Name: Suikoden 3
Version: NTSC-U
Packed: 1.16GB
Unpacked: 4.00GB
Format: ISO
Genre: RPG / Adventure

Pada kesempatan kali ini saya akan share game suikoden 3, sobat bloger pasti sudah tidak asing dengan game yang satu ini. Karena game ini sudah sangat populer dan banyak yang menyukainya termasuk saya sendiri.
Game konsole PS2 ini sangat seru untuk dimainkan dan jalan ceritanya juga menarik.

 Review :
Suikoden III begins on the verge of a peace agreement between the upstart Zexen Federation and the Grassland's Six Clans, with both of the warring factions lying in the shadow of the Harmonian Empire. You assume three main roles: Chris, the newly appointed captain of the Zexen knights; Hugo, the son of the Karaya clan's chief; and Geddoe, the leader of a mercenary band acting as part of Harmonia's frontier defense force. Their storylines are interrelated and even have a few points of intersection. This chance to see a few plot points from different perspectives is grandiosely named the "trinity sight system," but thankfully, the mechanic works much better than its gimmicky name, as each character's story is fairly independent of the others. The shifts in viewpoint help make things very interesting, as political intrigue renews the Zexen-Grassland conflict and new threats arise.

This installment in the Suikoden series takes place 15 years after Suikoden II, though in a neighboring region of the continent. It's not necessary to have played Suikoden II to understand the unfolding plot in the game, though one scene late in the game will not have as much of an impact on newcomers. The writing otherwise does an excellent job of couching back story in the dialogue and avoiding blatant and lengthy exposition. Those who have played Suikoden II do get to transfer their save data at the start of the game, but the bonuses this provides are just that--bonuses. However, Suikoden III's accessibility to those new to Suikoden does not mean that the gameworld is thinly developed or that it exists in a vacuum. The gameworld is rich with history, politics, and culture, and Suikoden III just does a great job of showing instead of telling, inspiring the imagination of the player to round out the detail. The gorgeous opening movie is illustrative of that. While it's only a montage of unrelated scenes featuring some of the game's more prominent characters, each scene is evocative of a larger story. 

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Pasword : woo

Upadate 17 agustus 2011 :
Part 1 (400 MB) | Part 2 (400 MB) | Part 3 (384 MB)
sumber : Suikoden Indonesia Forum
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Indra mengatakan...

gamenya bisa jln gk di komputer pas-pasan

Liandri eko mengatakan...

Untuk menjalankan game emulator PS2 ini minimal RAM 2 GB dan VGA 1 GB.

Anonim mengatakan...


Liandri eko mengatakan...

@Anonim: gak bisa di download gmn? filenya uda di hapus?
coba nanti saya cari file downloadnya lg.

Anonim mengatakan...

owh !!! pntesan ga bisa

Liandri eko mengatakan...

@Anonim: maklum sob itu link sudah lama sekali jadi saya gak tau kl sudah di hapus atau belum.

Anonim mengatakan...

@liandri kalo ram 1 gb VGA 256 udah bisa blum ? tapi bwat maen PES aja udah bisa kok

Liandri eko mengatakan...

@atas: saya saja yang pake RAM 2 GB dan VGA 700 MB masih macet2 sob.

Anonim mengatakan...


Liandri eko mengatakan...

@Anonim: emng setelah digabungin format filenya ap?

Anonim mengatakan...

gan kok d extract dia minta encryption code ? trus encryption code nya apa ?? help donk gan..

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